Friday, June 17, 2016

Roadway Improvements On-Going

Work Completed Last Week, June 13th to June 17th
·         Roadway excavation
·         Widening of pavement around various corners to allow for easier turning movements
·         Removal of existing roadway surface in preparation for new asphalt pavement
·         Grading of existing base materials in preparation for new asphalt pavement
·         Performing base repairs in areas where the existing materials were unsuitable.
·         Repair existing water main along Sunset Ridge Road that was identified during water main connection.
·         Paving of the first layer of asphalt pavement scheduled for Saturday, June 18th

Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, June 20th to June 24th
·         Perform final testing of new water main
·         Internal televising of storm sewer and sanitary sewer
·         Grading of existing landscape
·         Installation and final grading of topsoil
·         Sod installation in areas disturbed during construction

The first layer of asphalt pavement is scheduled to be installed on Saturday, June 18th. This will be a major project milestone as a smooth driving surface will be re-established. Once the first layer of asphalt is installed, the contractor will complete the final inspections and tests for the storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main.

The contractor is also anticipating to begin the landscape restoration later next week. As the landscape restoration is completed, the project will be closer to being finalized and your landscape areas will begin to look the way they did prior to the construction project.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding through the construction progress. Hopefully with the upcoming asphalt pavement installation and landscape restoration, you will begin to see what the final project will look like.