Friday, June 10, 2016

Final Water Main Connection at Sunset Ridge Road Completed.

Work Completed Last Week, June 6th to June 10th  
·         Received required approvals to make connection to existing water main along Maple Lane at Sunset Ridge Road
·         Make connection to existing water main at Maple Lane and Sunset Ridge Road.

Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, June 13th to June 17th
·         Roadway excavation were required
·         Widening of pavement around various corners to allow for easier turning movements.
·         Removal of existing roadway surface in preparation for new asphalt pavement
·         Grading existing base materials in preparation for new asphalt pavement
·         Paving 1st layer of asphalt pavement.

The required approvals to make the final connection were finally received this week. The contractor began scheduling the final water main connection as soon as the approvals were received. The final water main connection was completed on Friday.

The underground utility improvements are now completed with the exception of a few minor items that need to be addressed.

Next week the contractor will begin the roadway improvement phase of the project. It is anticipated the first layer of asphalt pavement will be installed either later in the week or early the following week. Once the asphalt pavement is installed, a major project milestone will be reached. This will greatly reduce the amount of dust along the project site and provide a smooth driving surface.

During the roadway improvement phase of the project, travelling along Glen Oak Drive and Maple Lane will be increasingly more difficult due to the number of large pieces of equipment along the roadway. Please use caution or alternates routes if possible.

Thank you again for all your patience due to the extended foreseen delay waiting of approval to make the final water main connection along Sunset Ridge Road. Your patience and understanding has been greatly appreciated. The Village and contractor will do everything possible to get the project completed as quickly as possible moving forward.