Monday, May 23, 2016

Majority of Underground Utility Improvements Completed

Work Completed Last Week, May 16th to May 20th  
·         Connection between existing water main and new water main at Maple Lane and Glen Oak Drive
·         Completed storm sewer installation
·         Completed storm sewer service installation
·         Completed water service replacements
·         Began abandoning old fire hydrants and valve vaults
·         AT&T continued with utility line relocation and replacement.
·         General site clean-up

Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, May 23rd to May 27th  
·         Waiting on necessary approvals prior to making final water main connection at Sunset Ridge and Maple Lane
·         Perform walk-through with AT&T to ensure work is completed.

The underground utility work being performed under the Village of Glenview contract is nearly completed, with the exception of the final connection near Sunset Ridge and Maple Lane. Once the underground work and AT&T work is completed, the roadway rehabilitation and landscape restoration phases of the project will begin.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding.