Monday, April 4, 2016

Welcom to Maple Lane Improvements Construciton Blog!!!

Welcome to the Maple Lane Improvements Construction Blog!  Each week updates will be given regarding the construction progress from the following week, anticipated work to occur the upcoming week, and other information. Additional information will also be provided on a periodic basis via mailed or hand-delivered letters. These construction updates will typically provide more time-sensitive information or information regarding scheduled water main shut-downs that are needed to complete this project. Please be on the lookout for these updates in the mail or in your front door. This blog will be updated approximately once per week, usually on Friday’s throughout the construction project.
Work Completed Last Week:
·         Preconstruction Meeting with Contractor and Village staff
·         On-site coordination meetings with Village staff and contractor
 Work Anticipated to be complete Next week, April 4th to 8th:
·         Resident Preconstruction Meeting to be scheduled
·         Mobilization of equipment
·         Product deliveries
·         Stake-Out of work to be performed
·         Internal televising of existing sewers along project site