Friday, July 15, 2016

Asphalt Surface Paving Scheduled for Next Week

Work Completed Last Week, July 11th to July 15th
·         Rough grading of areas to be landscaped
·         Installation and grading of topsoil
·         Tree replacement on Glen Oak
·         Adjusting structures to final grade
·         Performed final testing for underground utility improvements
·         Performed internal televising of sewers
·         Performed walk-through with Village staff to find any items that needed additional work
·         Made minor repairs at locations identified by Village staff
·         General site clean-up
Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, July 18th to July 22nd
·         Asphalt surfacing paving
·         Asphalt driveway restoration
·         Sod installation, weather dependent

Paving of the asphalt surface layer is scheduled for next week. Additional information will be provided when the schedule is finalized regarding travel cautions and restrictions during the paving operations and prior when the existing asphalt will have a thin layer of oil sprayed on it. Following the asphalt surface paving, the landscape restoration with sod and asphalt driveway restorations will be completed. The reason these final restorations will be completed following the asphalt paving is so the final grades will match the newly paved surface.

The contractor has completed the installation and grading of topsoil in those areas disturbed during construction. The timing of the sod installation is still being discussed. Due to the hot weather and lack of rain the past few weeks, this is not the optimum time for sod. If installation is delayed to a time with more favorable growing conditions, we will keep you posted regarding when the sod installation will occur. Our goal is to ensure a healthy stand of grass is established.

Thanks again for all your patience and the end of the project is near!!!!